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Welcome to Lake Saiko


Weekend House Kuwarubi: Memo for Guests / House Guide / House Rules

Here at Lake Saiko only three family names exist: Miura, Watanabe and Asahina.
There is no convenience store, no grocery store, and no full year operating restaurant.
Google map.
The scale of fireworks at Kawaguchiko is spectacular.
At the top you can enjoy watching Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko Lake simultaneously.
You will be surprised to find the fireworks down below.
It is really nice to find no mosquitos (and almost no snakes) around here due to high elevation over 900
meters from sea-level.
You may witness wild animals.
In the summertime, it is very hard to fend off spiders.
Their ancestors were lost in the power struggles and fled from Kamakura early 13th century fearing
massive killing by the Kamakura and Hojo governments.
We are reluctant to use very strong insecticides which could be harmful to a small child.
Make sure to tell us about your pet when you make reservation through Airbnb.
Never feed food or garbage to wild animals.
Onions, pineapples, and beans often cause clogging.
Here non-burnable garbage is only bottles and cans, all the others are burnable.
Never enter the house with shoes on, please.
TV does not work due to being surrounded by the mountains.
Make sure to wash used dishes and utensils.
If you dare to violate it, you hereby agree to pay 10,000 yen for fixing to return dishes and cutleries to the proper places from a different house.



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